In 2019, after noticing a scarcity of stock imagery that realistically depicted transgender and non-binary people, VICE’s former identity-focused website Broadly created the Gender Spectrum Collection to help media outlets better show transgender and non-binary people in ways that go beyond clichés. Now, two years later, we are expanding the collection with a brand-new cast, further diversifying our library of free images. 

Limited representations of trans and non-binary people in media restricts the range of stories in which we imagine those subjects. With this collection, we hope to encourage richer portrayals of trans and non-binary personhood: These images do not define members of these communities only by their gender identities, but as people with careers, relationships, talents, passions, and home lives. 

The Gender Spectrum Collection is a step toward a more nuanced portrayal of one of the world’s most diverse and historically most misrepresented communities, but one photo collection for one outlet is not enough. These images have been made available to other media organizations through a Creative Commons license. We encourage media outlets to use them widely and responsibly, and to commission their own nuanced depictions of trans and non-binary people whenever possible. 

If you have questions about the collection, please reach out to Meredith Balkus at Meredith.Balkus@vice.com

If you or your organization would be interested in helping us expand this collection, contact Stephanie.Clary@vice.com.

The latest iteration of Gender Spectrum Collection was a true labor of love. Our gratitude extends to everyone who helped us make it possible: producer and photographer Alyza Enriquez, photo assistant Jesse Lackowitz Crozier, art director Natalie Moreno, stylist Tyler Okuns, makeup artist Karina Milan, set stylist V Haddad, production assistant Victor Maldonado, production coordinator Alec Martin, and all of our talented models. We extend a warm thank you to Spencer Winson for breathing life back into this project, Victoria Pandeirada for shaping the vision, and to Stephanie Clary for giving the team space and resources to make it happen. Thank you to the brands that supplied clothing for the photoshoot: The Elder Statesman, UGG, Dr.Martens, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

Without the first iteration of the project, the second wouldn’t even be possible. We’re forever grateful to photographer Zackary Drucker, photo assistants Audrey Melton and Alyza Enriquez, stylist Jared Martell, hair stylist Latisha Chong, make up artist Yuui Vision, manicurist Yuki Miyakawa, and all of our fantastic models; as well as Callen-Lorde Community Health Center and the Hetrick-Martin Institute for hosting us and GLAAD for consulting with us throughout the project.